Project Reports

C&C Framework development I

Based on stakeholder input and the Market analysis results, Connect & Construct has developed a framework for digital information exchange. This framework should solve the problems construction companies, especially SMEs, currently experience when exchanging information digitally. It allows digital information exchange regardless of what ICT systems the companies use. The full description of the framework and the supporting argumentation can be found here.

User Manual C & C Framework

The User Manual describes step-by-step how to use the main functionalities of the C & C framework. It is important to read it carefully before starting to work with the framework. To download the User Manual please click here.

Stakeholder workshop

On 1 July 2013 a stakeholder workshop was held with 17 representatives of construction companies from across Europe. They discussed who the sector's main actors are, what information they exchange with whom, and the main information exchange problems they encounter in their daily practice. The experts provided valuable input for the definition of business scenarios and the further development of the Connect & Construct framework. Here are the minutes of the workshop and the presentations.

Market Analysis Report

The Market Analysis Report provides insight in the current and future business environment of construction companies, as well as in the extent to which they adopt ICT. It identifies information exchange needs and problems within the entire construction project lifecycle. The Market Analysis is the basis for the further development of the Connect & Construct framework.

First Connect & Construct Advisory Group - 21 June 2013

On 21 June the first Connect & Construct Advisory Group took place in Brussels, Belgium. During this meeting the results of the Market Analysis were presented, as well as the general objectives and process of the Connect & Construct project. The presentation of the Market Analysis can be found here. The presentation of the general objectives and process of the project can be found here