Connect & Construct Final Conference: Building value through ICT; keynotes announced. Nov 20, 2014

Are you interested in expanding your network and hearing about the latest ICT developments in the construction sector? Do want to hear first-hand from the experiences of construction companies with the new platform developed by C&C – an EC-funded project? Are you interested in how ICT can benefit your industry or your company?

Connect & Construct (C&C) is organising a final free conference in Brussels on 20 November 2014! Join government organisations, universities, construction companies and ICT companies from the complete supply chain (design to demolition, ICT providers, construction companies, and standardisation/certification organisations) at this conference. There is no charge.

Go to and sign up today to get your seat!

Go to our events page to download a detailed programme and visit our videos page for a promotional video.

About Connect & Construct

C&C is a project initiated in 2013 by the European Commission to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the European construction industry by making it easier for construction companies to exchange information and data digitally.

To this end, a free of charge Framework has been developed that construction companies, and in particular SMEs, can use to improve their digital information exchange. It allows them to exchange information faster, waste less time on coordination, reduce errors, and failure costs!

To test if the Framework really works, more than 25 pilots containing construction industry players from the whole supply chain (e.g. pre-construction, construction, and post-construction) tested the Framework in different contexts in projects across Europe!

In the end, more than 75 per cent of the participating companies found the Framework to be very useful; 72 per cent would recommend it to their business partners!

Overall, the Framework had a major positive impact on both reliability and efficiency of data and information exchange. Users found a 15 per cent reduction in time needed during construction projects and a 15 per cent reduction in errors when the Framework was used.

This proves that our free solution contributes and delivers value for SMEs in the construction industry!

Proving the value of ICT is one thing, explaining how it changes the way of doing business is another.

That is why C&C also captured success stories in pilot videos! As early adopters, pilot participants are eminently suited to explaining the benefits of the solution C&C has developed.

In videos of 3-4 minutes, pilot participants explain what role information exchange has in their organisation, how C&C has changed their way of working and how it will affect their way of doing business in the future. Visit our videos page for a foretaste of what to expect at the conference, where you will be able to hear the full and detailed story first hand.

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