Mission & Vision

ICT can increase the productivity of construction companies

The construction sector has been hard hit by the current economic downturn. This underlines the importance of increasing international competitiveness, effectiveness and collaboration. Smart use of ICT can increase the productivity of construction companies, and can modernise and add value to their activities. SMEs in particular can benefit from ICT: research has shown they grow two-to-three times faster when they use the internet in their daily operations.

Construction companies do not fully exploit the opportunities of ICT

As of 2009, only around one third of all on-site construction enterprises were utilising ICT for their internal business processes. For their external business processes only 10% were utilising ICT. The multitude of standards, ICT systems and technical specifications in the construction sector and the often short-term nature of collaboration between construction companies are barriers to the smart use of ICT and effective digital information exchange. (Source: e-Business Sector Studies - Construction).

Exchanging information more effectively

Connect & Construct was initiated by the European Commission in 2013, aiming to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the European construction industry by making it easier for construction companies to exchange information and data. Connect & Construct takes down the barriers to digital information exchange by developing an interoperability framework for seamless information exchange. This framework is suitable for use by any company, however small, and whatever ICT solution or standard they currently use. It is based on existing ICT solutions, systems and/or standards.