Is it for me?

The governance group will be formalised by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the closing conference of the Connect and Construct project on 20 November 2014. In the governance group, four different types of organisations are willing to participate with slightly different interests.

The four types of organisations are listed below, including an explanation on why it would be interesting for them to join. In addition, there is a Q&A at the bottom of this page helping to understand the main aspects of the governance group.

Governmental organisations acting as clients for construction sector companies, notably SMEs, have an interest in participating in the governance group because it enables them to actively stimulate the use of ICT at SMEs. Valuable discussions with other actors in the sector provide a good view on the current status in the market, which can be used during future projects and tenders.


+Why will the governance group ensure continuation of the philosophy of C&C and the P&R?

The unique combination of governmental organisations, non-profit organisations/educational institutions, construction industry companies and private software companies offers a broad network for dissemination and will ensure that all important developments and requirements will be captured. It will send important signals to the construction sector of important views and visions.

+What is to be governed by the governance group?

The governance members of the governance group will be responsible for the continuation of the Principle & Rules.

+What is expected from me as a member of the governance group?

Members of the governance group will be expected to evaluate the P&R periodically by attending a yearly meeting and will be expected to promote the C&C philosophy actively in the construction sector in the EU. The evaluation will mainly focus on the renewal and further development of the P&R based on new developments in the sector, and to discuss how they can be used to further stimulate digitisation in the construction industry (dissemination of C&C philosophy).

+Is the governance group for me?

Everyone is able to join the governance group at no cost. We would like to ensure a high level of diversity in the group to create a good balance and to ensure that all interests are represented. As long as you have some affiliation with the construction industry, it is interesting for you to join the governance group.

+How do I become a member of the governance group?

During the final conference on 20 November 2014, organisations wanting to participate in the governance group will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). In this MoU, signees commit to the philosophy of C&C and the P&R, and will join the governance group.

+What are the costs associated with membership in the governance group?

Participation in the governance group is free. DG Enterprise and Industry will chair the meetings, provide a venue and the secretariat (e.g. sending invites for the meetings, arranging a location, writing and distributing meeting minutes, publish progress and results on a website, act as a first point of contact, et cetera). Meetings will be organised in Brussels, but can also be attended through live meetings.